Ken (ken_schneyer) wrote,

Nanoism; Semiprozine Authors; Googling

The twitterzine Nanoism is going to publish (and pay me for) a twitterfic that I call "Without Sentimentality" (although officially it has no title). It'll appear on May 29th. I'd love it if you'd all take the twenty seconds to read it. (Hey, the cents-per-word rate for Nanoism are higher than the SFWA minimum! *Snort*)

Somebody recently did a survey of editors to spot the hottest up-and-coming writers writing for the semiprozines. I note with pleasure that both tinaconnollyand camillealexaare on it. Good going!

Oh -- and I noticed that, when you Google the name "Schneyer", this LJ page is fourth-from-the-top. Not bad, considering that I share a surname with a famous folk singer and a leading legal ethicist.

Got my box of bargain-price books from Small Beer Press. Feels like Christmas.

Tonight -- Star Trek with the spouse. First date for a long time.

Tags: camille alexa, google, helen schneyer, names, nanoism, small beer press, star trek, ted schneyer, tina connolly, twitterfics, twitterzines

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