May 11th, 2009

Happy at Nebulas

Green Mars

I have this terrible habit of reading series in the wrong order.

It started with Robertson Davies. I picked up a copy of The Lyre of Orpheus and was halfway through it before I understood that there were earlier books. So I read the trilogy backwards, moving next to What's Bred in the Bone and finally to The Rebel Angels.

The interesting thing is that, with good series, you get just as much tension and anticipation reading backwards as you do reading forwards -- only it's tension/anticipation about what has already transpired, rather than what's going to transpire. Of course, anyone who's seen either Memento or Pinter's Betrayal won't really be surprised by this. (John Irving says that he writes his novels backwards.)

Anyway, it's happened again. In preparation for Clarion, I picked up Stan Robinson's Green Mars. Now, okay, it wasn't my intention to do the backwards-sideways thing again (it never is), I just wasn't paying proper attention, and Green Mars intrigued me more than Red or Blue. As a title. *shrugs* (Had I known what the "Red" in "Red Mars" stood for, I'd've probably been more attracted to it.)

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