Ken (ken_schneyer) wrote,

Tally for November

Monthly stats for November:

  • 4,800 new words of fiction written this month. 1
  • 21 first drafts currently in progress (some untouched for a long time)
  • 4 first drafts currently "ripening" before second draft. 2
  • 3 second drafts currently in progress
  • 1 second draft currently in the hands of "trusted readers."
  • 4 third drafts currently in progress (again, some untouched for a while).
  • 0 third drafts currently awaiting polishing.
  • 1 fourth draft in currently in progress.
  • 1 rewrite in progress of stories previously sent out, based on comments from friends.
  • 2 rewrites (at request of editors) currently in progress.
  • 10 stories currently submitted to markets3
  • 2,400 words in shortest story currently submitted.
  • 8,700 words in longest story currently submitted.
  • 0 offers of publication received this month.
  • Longest current wait without response: 165 days.4

1 Worst month all year. Bleh. Part of it is the holidays, but part of it is that I revised several story drafts this month, which often cuts the word-production count to chicken feed.

2Only completed one new first draft this month, a fantasy flash fic piece.

3This number should increase soon, as there are two new markets to which I want to submit this month (if I can finish stories in time to do it), and another that I want to attempt next month.

4 An anthology.
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