Ken (ken_schneyer) wrote,

GUD #5 Now availble; Stories by Roberts, Stenner now online

Issue #5 of GUD Magazine, which includes my story "Liza's Home", is now available for purchase. A beautiful print edition with a bad-ass cover costs $12, while a PDF (including an additional copy sent to a friend!) is $3.50. The Kindle and Fictionwise versions aren't available yet, but they will be. And just so we're clear, GUD pays royalties to its authors, so indeed this is a shameless attempt to get you to put money in my pocket.

Meanwhile, my friends and Clarion classmates Shauna Roberts and Nicholas Bede Stenner both have stories online.

Shauna's thrilling "The Hunt" is up on Jim Baen's Universe.

Nick's delightful "Lily Can't See Men", which I first read at Clarion, is up on Joyland.

It's a good day!
Tags: clarion, gud magazine, liza's home, markets, nicholas bede stenner, publication, shameless self-promotion, shauna roberts, sniplits, working holiday

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