Ken (ken_schneyer) wrote,

Kickstarter Success

Wow. The Kickstarter project worked.

I now have a bunch of backers who have done me the honor of paying me to write. I owe them regular reports, copies of drafts, etc. Some of them are going to appear as characters in the stories. Some are going to give me prompts. It's going to be a very interesting process.

A number of my backers are personal friends. Some of those friends made very large pledges. I'm choked up.

But some of my large pledges came from total strangers, who wanted to see the process in action. To them, I feel a strong sense of responsibility.

In retrospect I can see some of the things I might have done better on this proposal. Maybe in the future (if I start a novel, perhaps) I'll try it again, this time with some of those mistakes in mind.

Tags: drafts, funding, kickstarter, prompts, writing

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