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23 November 2010 @ 08:00 pm
"Tenure Track" now online!  
My story "Tenure Track" (which I wrote during week 6 of Clarion) is now available for free on Cosmos Online.

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J. Kathleen Cheneyj_cheney on November 24th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
Ken: Blowing Kissken_schneyer on November 28th, 2010 05:28 pm (UTC)
madderbradmadderbrad on November 30th, 2010 08:47 am (UTC)
Oh I enjoyed this! Sometimes part of me is lazy and doesn't want to be put to any effort in working out what's happening, sometimes that part is too lazy to get up and protest. I think I read this when my lazy side was asleep.

Anyway, a nice ending - he found a wife, conquered his ennui and regained joy in life, again finding comfort/beauty in Austen, yes? Did I get it right? :-)