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My Boskone Schedule

Here is my panel and reading schedule for Boskone, which is being held at the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel, February 18-20:

Friday, 7pm:
Reading: Ken Schneyer (0.5 hrs)

Not entirely sure what I'm going to read -- I think it might be my near-future genocide-denial story, "Curative Measures", just in case you were feeling too cheerful.

Saturday, 10am:
The Art of Handwaving Science
(Tom Easton (Moderator), Michael F. Flynn, Jeff Hecht, Margaret Ronald, Ken Schneyer, Joan Slonczewski)
On your first day as an SF writer, you're likely to be faced with the problem of how to write about science that either 1) you don't have a good grasp of, or 2) nobody has a good grasp of because it doesn't exist yet. How do you respond?

Saturday, 3pm:
Stranger in a Strange Land -- Can It Really Be Fifty Years Old?
(F. Brett Cox, Kathryn Cramer (Moderator), Ken Schneyer, Ian Randal Strock, Christopher Weuve)
Stranger in a Strange Land is fifty years old! How can this be!!? How has it aged? What kind of impact does it have on today's youth? (Please don't say "Well, it's very....charming. Quaint...") How has RAH as a whole aged? And does the RAH biography just released shed any new light on him and his writing?

Saturday, 4pm:
What Is Time Travel Good For?
(Michael F. Flynn, Ken Schneyer, Karl Schroeder (Moderator), Ian Tregillis)

Saturday, 5pm:
Cambridge SF Workshop Flash Readings
(F. Brett Cox, Elaine Isaak, Alexander Jablokov, James Patrick Kelly, Steven Popkes (Moderator), Ken Schneyer, Sarah Smith)
I'm going to read my flash story "Colony Collapse," if I can revise it in time.

Sunday, 11am:
Does Mars Need Zombies? -- Hard SF in a Time of Increasing Interest in the Undead
(Kathryn Cramer (Moderator), Walter H. Hunt, Leonid Korogodski, Ken Schneyer, Allen M. Steele)

(Saturday afternoon is going to be a marathon! Whew!)

For more information about Boskone, see:

Hope to see you all there!

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