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"Neural Net" available; BCS buys "Serkers and Sleep"

Two pieces of publishing-related news:

  1. My hypertext story "Neural Net" is now available on Ideomancer. Unlike most hypertext stories I've seen, I'm convinced that this one couldn't have been told any other way except through hypertext. I must say, it gives me an appreciation of Woolf/Joyce/Faulkner that I never had before... WARNING: This story is NSFW & definitely not for kids. Rated at least R, maybe NC-17, for sex, disturbing imagery and foul language.

  2. Scott Andrews at Beneath Ceaseless Skies just bought my novelette "Serkers and Sleep". Needless to say, given the market, this is secondary-world adventure fantasy. Look for it in April or thereabouts. This story had the benefit of all three of my crit groups -- Writer's Crucible, the Clarion 2009 Crit Group, and CSFW -- and I owe many thanks to all 15-20 people who helped me with it.
Tags: beneath ceaseless skies, clarion 2009, csfw, fiction, hypertext fiction, ideomancer, neural net, novelettes, publishing, scott andrews, serkers and sleep, writers groups

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