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Analog buys "Life of the Author Plus Seventy"

I'm delighted to report that Analog Science Fiction & Fact is going to buy my story "Life of the Author Plus Seventy". I mailed the signed contract yesterday.

"Life of the Author" is another lawyer-SF story, something Analog seems to enjoy. It's also, like my previous lawyer story in Analog, on the humorous side rather than the serious side. It began with a serious speculation, though: I was explaining to my students that Disney keeps lobbying to increase the duration of copyrights because Walt died in 1967, and one of them said, "But they froze Walt Disney, didn't they?"

This is my second sale to Analog, and my first repeat sale to any market (...unless you count Clockwork Phoenix 4 as the same market as Clockwork Phoenix 3). As I have mentioned before, Analog was also my father's favorite magazine, and I wish he had lived to see his son published there; I know it would have made him happy.
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