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As most of my friends know, in 2009 I attended the Clarion Writers Workshop, which changed my life as advertised.  I have a whole mess of posts about it.

Every year Clarion runs a Write-a-Thon to coincide with the workshop.  The idea is that while the students are beating their brains out writing six stories and about 100 critiques in six weeks, some crazy writers are doing something similar to raise money for this wonderful workshop that has done so much for so many writers over the years:

Write-a-thon badge_earth

This year for the first time, I'm taking the plunge and volunteering.  (Truth be told, I need the self-discipline, as I've badly fallen off the habit of daily writing.)  I've set a goal to write 20,000 words this summer (primarily during the workshop). Here's my 2013 Write-a-Thon profile.

You could:

  1. Pledge some tiny amount of money per word (I think the minimum pledge, in my case, is $0.0001 per word) to spur me on to reach my goal (and then send me abusive messages if I fall behind);

  2. Volunteer yourself (the more the merrier, and they hope to have at least 250 writers on board before Clarion starts on June 23); or

  3. Just donate 'cause it's a good thing to do!

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