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My Fiction

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I'm a Nebula-nominated author of science fiction and fantasy, a college professor, a lawyer, a husband, and father.

I intend this LJ mainly for posting things related to my fiction writing. For that reason I probably won't have any locked posts; therefore I'll be "friending" people only as a way of tracking their LJs. For your part, please feel free to "friend" this LJ at will. (I do have a personal LJ under a different name; those who'd like to see it should e-mail me.)

I was born in the American Midwest, one month after John Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. Now I live in New England with my wife and children. I have worked as a lawyer, judicial clerk, clerk-typist, dishwasher, computer programmer, project manager, actor and college professor (the job I have now), but this LJ page exists because I also write fiction.

So far my stories have appeared in Analog, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clockwork Phoenix 3 & 4, Abyss & Apex, Daily Science Fiction, Bull Spec, GUD, Podcastle, Nature Physics, Escape Pod, the Drabblecast, and elsewhere. I won the Sixty Word Sagas competition at EarlyWorks Press. I joined The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America as an active member in January of 2009.

I'm a graduate of the 2009 Clarion Writers Workshop. To read my posts about it, click here. I currently work with the Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop, and actively participate in Codex Writers.